Training & Development

We provide a complete education training system and multiple learning opportunities, including professional courses, general and management courses for all employees to develop the knowledge, skills, attitude…etc. that will enhance their job performance and the company's operation.
We will continue to cooperate with top management to design the company's talent development system according to medium and long-term business strategies, and construct the education and training system accordingly. We will also plan and implement training courses according to the company's annual education and training plan, and assist colleagues in completing their personal education and training plans.

Education & Trainning Structure

Powerchip Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation's education training system is composed mainly of three structures – "new employee orientation training", "functional training", and "personal training".
This is designed to establish an individualized employee learning map to provide a personal, multi-faceted plan that will aid the employee in his/her career development at Powerchip Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation; and it seeks to extend to life-long learning and self-development.

Oriention training

Acclimate new staff into corporate culture, understand company rules and regulations, familiarize with company environment and learn industrial safety regulations courses etc.

Functional training

Provide professional core competency training based on each department's functional plan; and in accordance with company's operation strategy and management needs, provide general and managerial courses.

Knowledge inspiration

Includes on-the-job training and self-development - encourages employees to continue studying and learning, develop individual potential and other skills, and sufficiently plan a self-growth blueprint.

Individual Development Plan (IDP)

Employees and managers will build the training map together for each position based on employees' education, working experience, job function and professional skills to provide the most suitable training program.


Provide both Operation technique and Administration training to enhance employees' professional skills.


Provide periodic managerial skills training for supervisors/successors of different levels.


Provide diverse general training courses (ex. Time Management, interpersonal interaction.)

Abundant Trainning Resources

Provide internal/external training resources and an exclusive training website to allow employees to receive the latest information.

Excellent Facilities

Powerchip Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation provides bright training venues and advanced equipment, including an international conference hall that can be used for large lectures and meetings, to give employees a comfortable and cozy environment for learning.

Culture & Life

With a generous, fun and healthy spirit, we enable employees to nurture their innovation and energy whilst having a balanced work life through diverse welfare facilities and well-planned activities.

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Diverse Welfare

Talents are the most important assets of the Company. Happy employees make an enterprise efficient and effective. As such, we strive to provide a happy workplace for its employees.

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