Management Policy

PSMC's worldwide reputation for high-quality process technology and reliable services and products is the core to attracting and retaining customers of leading domestic and foreign semiconductor companies.

PSMC builds our quality management system according to the latest international quality standards and customers' strict requirements for quality and reliability. PSMC further comprehensively imports and implements the quality management system in the quality control program, and extends it to the entire foundry business service process.

Quality Policy:Through continuous improvement and innovation from the PSMC workforce, PSMC aims to build and maintain long-term relationships with its customers and partners, in the endeavor to growing a successful business, which is also supported by excellence in product quality, cost competitiveness, and on-time delivery.

Building a Safe & Friendly Working Environment

As a professional foundry service providing company, PSMC adheres to the business philosophy of mutual growth and profit sharing among society, the company, and employees. In addition to abiding by the national energy laws and international energy conservation and carbon reduction trends, PSMC strives to reduce energy consumption and the greenhouse effect. Through building a safe and friendly employee working environment through the occupational safety and health management system, PSMC is committed to fulfilling corporate social responsibility.

Laboratory Quality Policy:PSMC's professional teams strive to implement the most rigorous measurement and characterization procedures to ensure the quality and reliability of products in this competitive market.

Committing to Environmental Sustainable Development Issues

PSMC is committed to sustainable environmental development. Through the establishment of an energy management system (ISO 50001), we have introduced energy system management and third-party inspection agency verification operations to analyze the energy consumption efficiency and further achieve energy efficiency. High-efficiency utilization lays the foundation of the construction of green factories so as to contribute to the sustainable development of the earth.

Hazardous Substance Free Policy:PSMC pledges that its manufacturing facility and process has complied with international standards and regulations on environmental protection issues.

Quality Control System

All PSMC products comply with international standards for IC process/product reliability testing and international green product standards. In addition, with efforts from our employees, PSMC has successively passed ISO 9001, IATF 16949, IECQ QC080000, SONY GP and ISO 14001/ ISO45001... and other international standard certifications.

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