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Excellent Manufacturing Capability

Powerchip Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp.(PSMC) provides excellent professional manufacturing process technologies as well as a rigorous quality control flow. Through cooperation with several international semiconductor companies, PSMC continually improves wafer foundry product quality and creates a win-win working model with clients.
PSMC fabs have passed the IATF16949 automotive quality management system certification. We provide foundry services ranging from general consumer product manufacturing to industrial specification products, and zero-defect automotive specification products to meet customers' diverse wafer foundry specification needs.
PSMC has four 12-inch fabs and two 8-inch fabs, providing a monthly foundry capacity of 400,000 pieces (equivalent to 8-inch wafers). The latest P5 plant will continue to expand production capacity and provide customers with the most favorable production capacity support in the future.



Best Efficiency

  • Improved conformity rate

PSMC is able to effectively shorten the production learning curve and improve the production yield rate. This efficiency allows PSMC to help clients shorten the pilot-run time and satisfy the customers' requirement for time to market.


  • Optimization and flexible manufacturing dispatching management

PSMC is devoted to improving manufacturing/production efficiency and optimizing the production process. The company looks forward to serving clients with its most effective and efficient production processes. PSMC fabs have introduced the most advanced and flexible real-time dispatch system to meet the rush order needs of customers.


  • On time delivery

PSMC's fully automatic manufacturing with its rigorous online monitoring system can efficiently control the wafer input and output schedule, effectively ensuring the on-time delivery of every order.



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