Food court

Employee cafeteria

Our cafeteria provides a variety of cuisines and a vegetarian option, that is both nutritious and tasty during meal hours. On site eateries: Wu Wha Ma Dumpling House and Chinese Restaurant, Dongchi Chihshang Bento(lunch box) etc.


Provides breakfast, western-style combo, coffee, soft drinks, afternoon snack, etc.


To better accommodate and assist our busy employees, there is a convenience store with concession discount for all Powerchip Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation(PSMC) employees, and ATMs of different banks stationed in-house. Also, there are different on-site services including banking, insurance, groceries, etc. to provide our employees with a convenience and ease.


Integrated recreational centers

Aerobics room, gym, table tennis room, etc

Various club activities

Table tennis, badminton, softball, golf, charity, health, floriculture, hiking club, and so on. All employees are eligible to join these clubs.

Reading room

There are plenty of books, magazines, DVD, educational CDs for our employees to borrow.


PSMC provides its operators with cozy, safe, air-conditioned accommodations,attached with a good living facility, and considerate care is shown to them.Other non-operator employees can apply for short-term 1-2 months accommodation.

For your health, PSMC provides

Employee Checkups

The integrity of annual employees' checkups conducted by PSMC are superior to national regulations of workforce health management. Via the Health Management System operated by PSMC, each employee can supervise personal physical examination reports anytime in need. Various health-relevant information and health improvement projects as well are provided online to allow all employees manage their own health.

Health-Care Service

The Health Center is on duty all year round to serve employees' health care on site. “Clinic of Powerchip Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation” is established in house enabling employees to obtain doctors’treatments and professional health consultation service . Besides employees’family members, PSMC's associated enterprise's and contractors’workforce are entirely included. There are also nursing rooms for employees to use.

Health Promotion

Based on the outcomes of all employees’checkups and the needs of all employees surveyed, different types of health promotion practices and programs are hosted regularly.


Massage service provided by the visually impaired to soothe your body and mind.

Employee Assistance Program

A constructed employee assistance system to provide consultations in matters such as social relations, emotional adaptation,communication and coordination...etc.

Welfare committee


Competition, interesting games, sport games, family days,year-end party, movie watching, art admiration, employee outings, language enhancement learning, etc.


Subsidy allowance, marriage allowance, maternity allowance, hospitalization, death and emergency loan.

Concession discount entitlement

Concession discount entitlement from puchasing gift coupons of department stores, supermarkets, and hotels.

Training & Development

We provide a complete education training system and multiple learning opportunities, including professional courses, general and management courses for all employees to develop the knowledge, skills, attitude…etc. that will enhance their job performance and the company's operation.
We will continue to cooperate with top management to design the company's talent development system according to medium and long-term business strategies, and construct the education and training system accordingly. We will also plan and implement training courses according to the company's annual education and training plan, and assist colleagues in completing their personal education and training plans.

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Diverse Welfare

Talents are the most important assets of the Company. Happy employees make an enterprise efficient and effective. As such, we strive to provide a happy workplace for its employees.

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