Diverse Welfare


Incentive bonuses, employee remuneration, employee stock option, stock purchasing subsidies, etc. are issued according to operating status.


Includes Labor Insurance, National Health Insurance, and Group Insurance, as well as Group Insurance for relatives (at own expense).

Annual Leave

In order to promote work-life balance, PSMC has a superior leave policy than the standard stipulated in the Labor Standards Act, and provides 7 days of flexible leave each year, and also provides public leave for employees who participate in the company's public welfare activities.


Contribution to the labor pension is compliant with relative government laws and regulations.

Other Benefits

  • Vouchers for the 3 traditional festivals, birthday voucher, wedding gift and maternity allowance, funeral allowance, partial scholarship assistance for education on dependent children, emergency bailout loans, parental and postpartum leave, and maternity leave.
  • Not only does the company provide staff dormitory and free shuttle bus for direct employees
  • But it also offers multiple bank loan offers and incentive deposit programs, as well as weekly on site banking services.

Clubs and Activities

  • Various clubs including badminton club, table tennis club, tennis club, reading club, agronomic club, etc...
  • Our library provides numerous types of books, journals, DVD, VCD, tutorial CDs for reading and borrowing.
  • The Welfare committee hosts many activities such as Family day, club competition, music appreciation, movie appreciation, Art and Culture Festival, and appointed stores discount.
  • Public Welfare Committee cares for children in rural area, engages in the conservation of leopard cats, offers sponsorship programs for badminton athletes in nearby high school, donates books to colleges and libraries, and sponsors the NTHU scholarship programs.

Culture & Life

With a generous, fun and healthy spirit, we enable employees to nurture their innovation and energy whilst having a balanced work life through diverse welfare facilities and well-planned activities.

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Training & Development

We provide a complete education training system and multiple learning opportunities, including professional courses, general and management courses for all employees to develop the knowledge, skills, attitude…etc. that will enhance their job performance and the company's operation.
We will continue to cooperate with top management to design the company's talent development system according to medium and long-term business strategies, and construct the education and training system accordingly. We will also plan and implement training courses according to the company's annual education and training plan, and assist colleagues in completing their personal education and training plans.

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