On the 5th, Powerchip Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp.(PSMC) and SBI Holdings Inc. (SBI) reached an agreement intending to establish a 12-inch wafer foundry fab in Japan as part of the effort to strengthen the semiconductor supply chain.

The agreement was signed in Tokyo by Chairman Frank Huang of PSMC and Yoshitaka Kitao, Representative Director, President and CEO of SBI Holdings Inc. . In the future, the two parties will jointly establish a preparatory company under the framework of this agreement, and through this company, they will gradually carry out related fab planning and construction.

Since Japanese government formulated the semiconductor and digital industry strategy in June 2021, the semiconductor industry has shown great enthusiasm to support the movement. Yoshitaka Kitao pointed out that the world semiconductor market will reach 100 trillion yen in 2030, and cooperation with Taiwanese companies that are leaders in the global semiconductor industry is the key to the success of Japan's revitalization of the semiconductor industry.

Frank Huang said that PSMC is the only pure play foundry company with both memory and logic process capabilities. In the future, we will focus on the application of growing AI edge computing and strengthen Japan domestic IC supply chain, by developing 22/28 nm above process and Wafer on Wafer 3D stacking technology. Through SBI, PSMC will develop more in-depth cooperative relations with Japanese industry, government, and academic circles, participate in the revitalization of Japan's semiconductor supply chain, and at the same time achieve further globalization of PSMC's production and sales to Taiwan plus one strategy.